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Cane MolassesCane / Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the residual liquid obtained in the manufacturing of raw sugar. The cane juice, or mother liquor, after having been purified, is concentrated into a thick mass. As the sugar crystallizes, this mass is passed through a centrifuge which allows the mother liquor to pass through but retains the crystallized sugar. The resulting molasses is very dark and robust and has somewhat bitter-tart flavour.

Export / Import

We can source / procure molasses for India with high seas sales basis.

General uses

Used in a variety of industries viz. distillation, fermentation, manufacturing of animal / poultry feed, casting (as a binder), biotechnology, baked goods, as a sweetener and colouring agent. It is also widely accepted as a "health food". When blended with fancy molasses it produces a cooking molasses which can be used in any number of recipes and is particularly suitable for ginger snaps, soya based sauces, licorice, canned baked beans and fermentation systems.


Chemical Analysis Total solids as  
Brix 78-80.5
Moisture (%) 20-25
Total sugars (%) 54-64
Invert sugars (%) 10-20
Sucrose (%) 39-49
Ash (%) (Sulfated) 6-11
Ph 1:1
Dilution 4.5-6.0







Odour: slightly acrid
Clarity: Opaque. Contains no undissolved solids.
Colour: Black / Dark Brown
Flavour: Characteristic bitter sweet flavour. No mustiness.
Plate Count less than 5000/gram Yeast less than 500/gram Mould less than 500/gram Salmonelia negative/ 100 grams

Sizes available

Available in various retail packages as well as plastic jugs, drums and tank trailer loads for the food service and industrial markets. Available in bulk for export.

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