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Corn Steep Liquor

Corn Steep Liquor is a high proteins, high energy liquid ingredient consisting of the soluble portion of the corn kernel which is removed by the steeping process and concentrated to high solids. Steep liquor is combined with other corn ingredients in or may be add separately as a liquid protein. Source for beef and dairy feeding, or as a nutritional pallet binder. It is a valuable source of B vitamins and minerals.

Technical Analysis

Description Brown viscous liquid
Total solids 51.5%
Ash 21.3%
SO2 0.22%
Total Nitrogen d.s. 8.25
Amino Acid 4%
Lactic Acid 22.7
Reducing Sugar 0.5
Acidity for 1gm as ml of N NaOH 1.2
pH of 10% soln. 4.1
Iron as Fe ppm. 603


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