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Vijay Traders (VT) specializes in supplying agricultural products and its byproducts to the various industries such as distilleries, foundries, food processing units, pharmaceutics, chemical units and breweries etc.

VT has steadily grown from servicing couple of companies in 1969 through selected sources now catering to various national and international companies.

VT tries to keep the company count low so that the customers get the high quality service they seek. This also means that VT 's suppliers get excellent sourcing support as well as pre and post-sales support for their products.

VT is headed by Mr. Harilal P. Badiani who is basically form a very small town in the western part of India named Jam Salayia which in Saurashtra (now residing in Mumbai, India). The trading of molasses was started by Mr. Harilal Badiani' s uncle late Mr. Damodar Laxmidas Badiani in the late 1950's . Now with the joining of the 3rd generation, Mr. Vijay Harilal Badiani the company has been stronger and now wishes to expand to the international market. Mr. Vijay H. Badiani has ventured in the beet molasses trade and also in to the import and export of cane molasses, having a strong support from very large molasses trading houses have their presence world wide Vijay Badiani is sure to reach new heights for Vijay Traders.

VT since 1998 has also started trading in an unique economical, eco-friendly fuel substitute derived from agricultural waste which saves the fuel cost of Industries who generate steam for running their boilers. The savings can be as high as 40%.


VT is focused on supplying the right material for their clients at the right price. VT' s main office in Mumbai, India focuses on these activities through developing product awareness and market penetration and provides the first line customer support.


Distribution of specialized agricultural products and its byproducts India.

Conduct the business with honesty, integrity and good humor.


VT seeks to form a strategic alliance with small or medium seized companies who either like to source some products from India or are currently looking for partners to help market their products in the Indian subcontinent.

VT offers the expertise of a talented and motivated team of professionals with excellent connections in the Indian subcontinent, through knowledge of the marketplace, qualified local representation in all major Indian cities, and above all, long term commitment.

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